Associated Centre Multi-Zone Rooftop Unit Replacement

An outdated, problematic, unreliable, energy inefficient system gets a new life.

Clark Engineering was retained by Melcor Industries to recommend a solution for troubles with eight multi-zone rooftop units. The units were 30-years old and had started to require a significant amount of ongoing maintenance. Housing leaks through the unit had even caused water damage within the building.

Clark Engineering, in conjunction with a local manufacturer, was able to design new roof mounted air handling units that were adapted to the existing roof curbs and ductwork. The new units are three deck multi-zones that incorporate high efficiency indirect gas heating and multi-stage cooling to ensure efficient, stable operation at varying loads. The first two units have been supplied and are in operation. The remaining units will be supplied and installed over a three year period. The units also incorporate variable volume fans that allow for each zone to operate on separate occupancy schedules.