ATCO Electric Regional Offices

New 4500 square meter administration and service centre facility to LEED Silver standard.

ATCO Electric is consolidating their administration and service facilities for the region in and around Lloydminster. The new facility includes approximately 2800m² of office space and 2700m² for service, maintenance, warehousing and loading.

Access floor displacement ventilation systems are used utilizing heat wheel energy recovery systems, direct/indirect evaporative cooling, and natural ventilation. Maintenance bays use heat pipe and glycol loop heat reclaim systems.

Condensing boilers, along with a base-load co-generation system, provide heating for the building and domestic hot water. A combination of unit heaters, in-floor heating, and radiant panels are used to offset envelope losses.

Storm water recovery systems have been provided to meet the site irrigation requirements and provide non-potable water for the low consumption toilets and urinals.