Energy Benchmarking and ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audits for existing buildings

Energy usage within commercial and institutional building systems accounts for 12% of Canada's secondary energy usage and 11% of Canada's greenhouse gas (GHG) emmissions (Office of Energy Efficiency).

Clark Engineering is pleased to offer energy audit services to municipalities and building owners throughout Western Canada. Clark Engineering has ample past experiences in both energy audits and energy efficient retrofits to provide quality servicing throughout the benchmarking, reporting, design and construction phases.

Clark Engineering has worked with many building owners, managers, and municipalities to identify inefficiencies in systems where cost effective upgrades resulting in energy savings are available. Clark Engineering provides energy audit services to ASHRAE Level 2 guidelines that are to TAME+ and the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) standards.

Following the energy audit, detailed analysis, and reporting of plausible, cost effective, energy conservation measures, Clark Engineering has the design and tendering/construction administration experience to see your retrofit project through to completion. Clark Engineering has many successful projects resulting in significant utility savings and GHG reductions.