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Clark Engineering Inc. acts as both engineer and construction manager for a 265kW cogeneration unit at the Collicut Centre in Red Deer, AB. The unit is fully operational and provides a clean, reliable source of electrical power as well as using the waste heat to warm the pool.

See the ATCO Gas video about the installation here

Combined Heat and Power (CoGeneration)

Turn-Key on-site power and heating systems that save you money.

Clark Engineering Inc. has become a leader in the design, supply, and installation of combined heat and power systems (cogeneration). Our clients benefit form Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems that reduce the total building energy costs by 30% to 50% while providing stable, reliable on-site power and heat with a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


For nearly 10 years, Clark Engineering Inc. has been designing integrated CHP systems for commercial and residential applications. The first,installed for the Derrick Golf and Winter Club, provides 240 kW of power and supplied heat for the swimming pools, showers, and building heating. This system is in its seventh year of operation

In 2011, after five years of developing CHP projects and providing engineering and project management for the design and installation of the systems, Clark Engineering was asked by ATCO Pipelines to manage the construction and installation of a CHP plant for their district control centre. The success of this project has lead to many opportunities to provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for CHP projects.

Cogeneration, or CHP, refer to the simultaneous production of electric energy and hot water or steam for heating or cooling purposes in commercial applications. Traditional large-scale power stations typically lose two thirds of the energy they consume to produce electricity as waste heat or in the transmission of the energy to the end users. In contrast, decentralized energy systems reduce the losses by making use of the heat produced through electricity generation and eliminating the transmission losses. The efficiency of CHP can reach in excess of 85% compared to less than 30% for centralized thermal power generating plants.