Glenwood Health Centre, Edmonton, AB

Clark Engineering is proud to be at the forefront of the Stony Plain Road revitalisation project. There is a lot of history associated with Stony Plain Road and it is due for some well deserved renewal.

The Glenwood Health Centre will be a three building medical centre offering anything from physiotherapy to radiology. The west building is an 8'000ft² two story medical facility that is mostly occupied. The north building will be a 30'000ft² three storey facility that is currently in construction. The east building will reuse the existing building that is currently being utilised as a field office. The building is presently in the schematic design phase.

The buildings will mostly be utilising variable air volume type air systems with perimeter heat to offset the building's heat losses. The perimeter heat will be in the form of ceiling radiant panels and in floor heat. To provide heat to these, and to reheat ventilation air, three packaged, staging, condensing boilers will be provided. These fully modulating boilers will fire in sequence to provide the exact heat requirement for the building. Heat recovery ventilation will be used to provide a constant supply of fresh air to the building.

In order for the mechanical systems of the building to work in unison a full building management system (BMS) will be supplied. This allows a building operator to log on and check the current conditions of the building such as space temperatures, which equipment is running, or any system alarms that have been triggered. This system also allows for tracking and trending so that a building's heating and cooling history can be reviewed.

To ensure the highest quality of design possible, the entire project was modelled in three dimensions. This allows for a detailed "preview" of the project before any construction has taken place. This leads to well coordinated designs and gives the project team and the client a good feel for the finished product.