Hole's Enjoy Centre in Saint Albert

New construction of a 24,000 m² retail greenhouse and destination/event space.

This project involves the construction of a new greenhouse facility for the Hole family that incorporates a public retail mall, an indoor garden market, a European spa, craft market, restaurant, and administration offices. The greenhouse portion of the project dominates the upper floor of the approximately 14,000 m² facility footprint with retail, public access, restaurant, and office portions of the facility located on three levels toward the west end of the greenhouse facility. Receiving, warehousing, and potting areas are located beneath the east portion of the greenhouse.

The facility serves as a lifestyle experience for shoppers, and the intent of the design is to provide a legacy facility that uses the latest in environmental strategies to minimize the reliance on non-renewable resources while recapturing and re-using energy produced internally. The dependence on purchased power will be reduced or eliminated as much as possible.

Design concepts for energy efficient and cost effective mechanical, electrical, and building automation systems for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, lighting and irrigation systems include condensing boilers, natural and displacement ventilation, storm water capture, heat reclaim, active lighting control and co-generation, along with waste heat adsorption cooling.