Net-Zero, Community Inspired Development in Summerside, Edmonton

Net-zero building containing offices, restaurant, daycare and a health and wellness centre.

The Mosaic Centre is a new development on the south-side of Edmonton and is the home of the Mosaic family of companies. The collaborative project was designed utilising IPD or Integrated Project Delivery method. The rethink on the building design/construction process put architects, engineers and contractors at the table throughout the design and construction period.

The building's heating and cooling is provided via a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump system. The VRF system is linked to a geo-exchange system that utilises the ground as a heat energy source in the winter and a heat energy sink in the summer.

The VRF systems have the added benefit of heat transfer within the building itself, transferring heat energy from interior spaces to perimeter spaces in cooler months.

Fresh air for the building is provided by two dual-core energy recovery ventilators. The units recover heat energy from the exhaust air streams and inject it into to the fresh incoming air. This results in a warmed supply of fresh outdoor air in the winter, and a cooled supply of fresh outdoor air in the summer.

The brunt of the Mosaic Centre was occupied in February, 2015. The building is currently receiving the final touches on controls, solar PV and energy monitoring.

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Mayor Don Iveson at the Mosaic Centre

See an interview with Mayor Don Iveson at the Mosaic Centre following his install of the final solar voltaic panel vimeo link