CHP Design and Construction Services


Brooks, AB




The Lakeside Leisure Centre in Brooks, Alberta is a multi-use recreational facility that includes rinks for hockey and curling, gymnasium, fitness facility and an aquatics centre. The City of Brooks partnered with Atco Gas to install a co-generation plant that provides up to 190kW of electrical energy, and 300kW of thermal energy for the building, while reducing the utility costs and slashing the facility’s carbon intensity. The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit is housed in a weatherproof acoustic enclosure next to the waterslide with tie-ins to the buildings electrical distribution and heating systems in the adjacent mechanical rooms. Clark Engineering Inc. acted as the EPC contractor, providing design and installation services.

Clark Engineering Inc. was the Prime Consultant, Mechanical Engineer, and Construction Manager for this assignment. The project team included Russell Clark, Adam Stang, Julie Kraus, and Lee Birkett. Electrical Engineering was provided by MP&P, and the mechanical and electrical installation was performed by Wilcon Industrial.

Clark Engineering Inc. and Wonderwrench Solutions provide operational monitoring and maintenance services.