Energy Audit Services and Efficiency Upgrades Design


Edmonton, AB




The Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre was constructed in several phases, the newest of which was completed in 1980. Because the facility infrastructure is aging, and the reclassification of the building from a full-service-hospital to a continuing-care-centre, Covenant Health was looking to obtain an energy study and audit aimed at the existing fifty-year-old heating plant and the building requirements.

Clark Engineering Inc. was retained by Covenant Health to determine payback opportunities for upgrades and modernization of the facility. Specific goals of the project were as follows:

  • Complete an assessment of the existing heating and cooling plant infrastructure to provide a baseline of the current energy consumption and use patterns, and to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the purchased energy
  • Provide a facility use assessment to determine the functional requirements for ventilation and air circulation rates
  • Assess the building’s heating systems and boilers in relation to capacity, performance, and projected service life, and complete a cost/benefit analysis of replacement with more current technology
  • Review the existing requirements for high-pressure steam to identify current use patterns, any essential need for steam, and determine if there are cost effective low-pressure options available
  • Review the existing building management system to determine how much of the current facility is included, its effectiveness in providing relevant feedback and control functionality for the facility operators, the efficiencies that it can provide, and its capacity to perform effectively in the future and adapt to changes in system function
  • Survey the building envelope, starting with an initial thermal scan of the entire facility to identify areas of opportunity. Prioritise the assessment of the windows, roof, and doors and compare the thermal effectiveness with current energy efficient options