Energy Audit Services and Efficiency Upgrades Design


Saskatoon, SK




Royal University Hospital is a large, full-service hospital located on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Clark Engineering Inc. worked with Johnson Controls and Saskatoon Regional Health to identify opportunities for upgrades to the building electrical and mechanical systems throughout the facility that could lead to operational savings and improved operation.

As part of this initiative, Clark Engineering provided a detailed assessment of the existing ventilation systems and distribution, which lead to a redesign and recommissioning of much of the dual-duct distribution systems. Significant modernization of four large air system to bring them up to CSA Z317 requirements included replacing the supply fans with fan arrays, revising the coil piping, and providing heat recovery. Most of the terminal boxes were replaced or retrofit with digital controllers and the pressurization and humidity control for the operating theatres was revised for functionality and controllability. Other work included upgrades to the heating distribution, the chilled water systems, the lighting and the control systems. Utility savings in the first year of operation was determined to be $1.4 million.