Building Mechanical Design


Edmonton, AB




Edmonton Community Foundation is a charitable organization that serves to reinvest in its community and its people. They have granted more than $170 million to support charities in Edmonton and throughout Canada, including their Rapid Response Fund in light of the Covid-19 crisis, which directed funds to preserve the most essential work in Edmonton as well as the agencies and infrastructure needed to recover and rebuild our city.

In 2015 Manasc Isaac took architectural lead on an expansion project to ECF's headquarters, the historic Hilltop House (built in 1912), to provide additional office space. The plan was to preserve and integrate the House with a neighbouring structure that had become vacant: the Telus Building, a former telephone equipment building. They, along with the other Consultants, endeavoured to create a symbolic link between the two structures as well as provide energy-efficient upgrades to the Hilltop House.

Clark Engineering began design on the project in the fall of 2014. They assessed the current conditions of the Hilltop House, and integrated systems that would serve the House, the new office spaces within the old Telus Building, and the link between.


  • Upgraded 2-stage heating and 2-stage cooling rooftop unit to serve the Hilltop House and ensure adequate ventilation during occupied hours
  • Custom Engineered Air air handling unit, 25 ton condensing unit, and digital VAV boxes for optimal comfort within the the new office spaces
  • Three (3) high-efficiency condensing boilers to heat the existing and new spaces
  • Custom curved radiant panels to match architecturally curved corridors