Edmonton, AB




The Penny McKee public library was named after the 1990 Edmonton Public Library director who worked on redefining the city's libraries, defending reader's interests, and calling for sustainable funding. The branch was named in her honour in 1997 and is also called "Abbottsfield Library" due to the neighbourhood it is located in. The branch serves a lower socioeconomic neighbourhood with a diverse ethnic make-up. In 2019, a plan was set in motion to move the library back into Abbottsfield Mall (the library was situated within the mall in years prior).

Renovations were planned for a nearly 11,000 square foot area within the mall that was a fast food service/administrative office zone. The plan a bright, welcoming and collaborative space for the community including an art gallery space, a children's space with an aquarium, and a Makerspace to support STEM learning activities and digital creative projects. Clark Engineering was retained to examine the existing conditions and provide a suitable mechanical design for the library in 2019.

The design utilised existing roof openings for three (3) new 2-stage heating and 2-stage cooling packaged rooftop units. The units utilised demand-based ventilation as well as temperature economisers. The units encompassed their own major zones, and within interior zones digital standalone variable volume/temperature dampers provided additional space control. Ceiling heights were taken into consideration for optimal airflow distribution with low noise transmission. A complete plumbing renovation as well as a full revision of the existing automatic sprinkler system were also within the design scope.

Clark Engineering worked closely with the library to ensure their specifications were met as well as with the contractors to coordinate fitting within the existing spaces. The library was completed in early 2020.