Mechanical Systems Upgrades Design


Edmonton, AB




Alberta Hospital Edmonton is a psychiatric hospital founded in 1923 in the northeastern portion of Edmonton. The hospital initially served as a WWI veterans hospital. Today, it provides both inpatient and outpatient services, medical services and research, as well as support programs as an alternative to hospitalization. The hospital is compromised of 45 buildings spread over 275 acres. During the 20th century the facility grew through repurposing of old buildings and additions of new buildings. The institution functions with its own water tower and power plant for heating and electricity.

Alberta Health Services determined that the mechanical cooling equipment on campus had reached the end of its service life. Clark Engineering began mechanical design for the project in early 2019.


  • Two (2) water-cooled chillers with variable speed drives
  • Chilled water and condenser water pumps with integrated variable speed drives and remote pressure sensors
  • A two-cell cooling tower capable of independent cell operation
  • A vertical solids separator package used to keep the cooling towers free of solids