CHP Design and Construction Services


Rocky Mountain House, AB




The Credit Union COOP Aquatic Centre is a recreational swimming facility located in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The heating systems for the Aquatic Centre were outdated and in need of replacement.

The Credit Union COOP contacted Clark Engineering and design for the project began in early 2019.

This project included:

  • Two (2) 35 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units
  • Two (2) 798 MBH condensing boilers
  • A 524 MBH dry cooler

The CHP units are intended to operate as the first stage of heat, providing useable heat whenever they are operating to provide power. When heating for the building cannot be maintaned by the CHP unit operation, the heating boilers will be activated through their internal controls to maintain the heating system supply temperature.

The Aquatic Centre's heating upgrade has cut the facility-related emissions by 25% and annual energy costs by 40%. The project was completed in September 2020.