Building Mechanical Design


Two Hills, AB




The Two Hills Arena is a two-story facility built in 1967 that consists of an ice rink, lobby, washrooms, dressing rooms, concession booth and more. In winter, the arena is used for hockey games, practices and public skating while summer offers Trade Shows and Memorial Rallys.

The arena was dated and required a complete modernization of the front building (public areas and player dressing areas) with new ventilation systems, re-use of slightly older heating systems, and a new commercial kitchen that's up to code.

The sanitary and domestic water piping within the buildings crawlspace had to be completely removed and replaced with new piping. New plumbing fixtures were also installed throughout the arena. The ventilation systems for the building required a full reconfiguration which included reinstallment of combustion air ductwork within the mechanical room, new inline and ceiling exhaust fans, new cabinet unit heaters, a new makeup air unit and a new heat recovery ventilation unit.