Building Mechanical Design


St. Albert, AB




The Enjoy Centre is a unique multi-use facility featuring greenhouse and planting workspaces, garden retail centre, spa, café and restaurant, grocery store, bakery, and event spaces.

The intent of the design was to provide a legacy facility that uses the latest in environmental strategies to minimize the reliance of non-renewable resources while recapturing and reusing energy produced internally. The dependence on purchased power was to be reduced as much as possible.

Clark Engineering was retained as mechanical engineer of record for the facility design and was mandated to provide design concepts for energy efficient and cost efficient mechanical and building automation systems for the venting, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and irrigation systems.


  • Condensing boilers to provide building heating and hot water for showers and processes
  • Natural and displacement ventilation
  • Storm water capture
  • Heat reclaim systems
  • Combined heat and power generation system
  • Waste heat absorption cooling

The Enjoy Centre has been in operation in St. Albert since 2013.