Mechanical Systems Upgrades Design


Edmonton, AB




In 2015, Clark Engineering provided evaluation and design services for the replacement of and upgrades to the ventilation systems at Capital Care Norwood in Edmonton, AB.

Capital Care Norwood offers a mix of programs which include post-acute care, a palliative hospice and complex long-term care in an environment that supports choice, autonomy, and, where possible, independence. The Norwood North building was constructed in 1963, and the ventilation systems for the building were from the original construction. One Multi-zone air handling unit serves the ground floor while a second, larger multi-zone unit, provides ventilation air for the main and second floors. There is a separate single zone make-up air unit for the kitchen.

The upgrade consolidates the primary exhaust air systems and ventilation systems for the facility into a single heat recovery ventilation system to provide high quality ventilation air to the building in an economical and environmentally responsible manner. The active, dual-core reversing heat recovery system significantly reduces the heating and cooling requirements for the facility. The existing distribution ductwork was retained by employing updated multi-zone supply air systems, and the construction staging allowed the facility to remain in full operation while the new equipment was being installed. Upgrades to the chilled water and heating distribution were also completed during the mechanical retrofit.