Vermilion Alliance Church, Vermilion, AB

The Parkview Alliance Church was built in the 1980's. The building was due for an architectural upgrade and so were its mechanical systems.

Clark Engineering worked closely with the existing mechanical systems to reuse as much as possible to avoid excessive damage to the current finishes. A flooded below slab ducting system that was to be filled with concrete and abandoned made this difficult.

The original downflow furnaces that served the basement are scheduled to be pulled. In their place will be hydronic vertical fan coil units. The heat for these units will provided by a package of two staging, modulating, condensing boilers. Upflow furnaces that served the main floor and balcony area will also be replaced with hydronic vertical fan coil units. A new basement heating loop with radiant panels and a reheat coil for the foyer will be installed.

To ensure the highest quality of design possible, the entire project was modelled in three dimensions. This allows for a detailed "preview" of the project before any construction has taken place. This leads to well coordinated designs and gives the project team and the client a good feel for the finished product.