We at Clark Engineering tend to focus on mechanical design services for partial or complete upgrades to building heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, domestic water heating systems, plumbing distribution systems, fire protection systems, and building controls. We also apply our knowledge to many other types of project: liquids and pipes, air and ducts, and energy and heat transfer.

New Building Mechanical Design

Collaborative mechanical design services

Professional mechanical engineer of record

HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection engineering

Tender and construction oversight

Mechanical Systems Upgrades Design

End of life equipment replacement

Energy efficiency upgrades

System deficiency resolution

Thermal comfort improvements

CHP Design and Construction Services

Opportunity assessments

CHP system sizing

Installation and tie-in design

Turn-key installations

3D Modelling and Visualization Services

Visualisation and renderings

New, existing, or proposed systems

Interference detection and resolution

Building system 3D models

Energy Models and NECB Compliance

New building energy modelling

NECB compliance assessments

Utility forecasting

Energy conservation measure engineering

Energy Audit Services

Building energy benchmarking (ASHRAE lvl 1)

Building energy scoping audits (ASHRAE lvl 2)

Energy conservation measure proposals

Energy conservation measure engineering

Mechanical System Repair Design

Engineering studies and recommendations

System upgrades / repair design

Thermal comfort improvement design

Indoor air quality improvement design

Forensic Engineering Studies

Failure mode assessments

Repair strategy proposals

Repair strategy design

Construction oversight