County of St. Paul Maintenance Facility

Retrofit of existing mechanical systems to give an updated approach to these outdated ventilation systems.

Clark Engineering was retained to recommend strategies for the life cycle replacement of mechanical systems at the County of St. Paul's Maintenance facility. Maintenance garages can have high ventilation requirements and in the dead of winter this is very energy expensive. Clark Engineering's solution was to provide a dual core heat recovery unit to provide the base ventilation requirement during occupied hours. These units have a temperature efficiency of over 90%. Gas monitors sample the air for NOX and CO and at certain contaminant levels will bring on demand ventilation systems to purge the building. This demand ventilation system includes direct fire make up air units interlocked with the existing standard rooftop exhaust fans.

The term "reuse & recycle" is not lost within Clark Engineering's principals. Clark Engineering will inspect your existing system and replace only what is required, usually reusing much of the old system. Distribution piping, distribution ductwork, mechanical equipment, can often be reused (sometimes more efficiently) within our designs.

The space is heated by hydronic unit heaters. The existing unit heaters are to remain but the hot water for these units will provided by new condensing boilers.