Wild Wing Restaurant, Beaumont, AB

Tenant Improvement of a 175m² retail space for a Wild Wing restaurant.

Clark Engineering, in partnership with Fuse Architecture and Teradi Electrical Consulting, adapted the commercial retail unit in Beaumont's Gallerie Shopping Centre to meet the needs of a new Wild Wing restaurant.

Mechanical engineering services were provided to create a comfortable and pleasant dining environment, a well ventilated kitchen area and plumbing design to ensure smooth operation of the facility.

Kitchen ventilation design is not an easy task. At Clark Engineering we have vast experience with these types of projects meaning we are able to provide pleasant working environments despite the large quantities of ventilation required for kitchen spaces.

To ensure the highest quality of design possible, the entire project was modelled in three dimensions. This allows for a detailed "preview" of the project before any construction has taken place. This leads to well coordinated designs and gives the project team and the client a good feel for the finished product.

Commercial kitchens require high amounts of energy to keep them running. Using energy efficient products and energy recovery can help to keep running costs down. The mechanical system at Wild Wing takes advantage of a condensing water heater and an air-to-air heat recovery ventilator, as well as direct fire make-up air supply for the kitchen.